Law regulations

Terms of the Lease

§ 1. General Provisions
1. These Regulations determine the rules and rental of premises (apartment) buildings located in Warsaw at ul. Skierniewicka 14, Al. Krakowska 291 Street and also in Szczecin on ul. Małkowskiego 30.
2. The terms used herein have the following meanings:
a. Renting - giving the Landlord Tenant / Customer premises for temporary use and commitment of the tenant to pay the agreed fee (rent) for the lease. Rented premises may only be used for residential purposes. The landlord does not agree to any organization of events and receptions at the Apartments rented.
b. Rules - Rules lease of premises (apartments)
c. Local / Apartment - premises intended for lease,
d. The tenant / customer - the person concerned (making) the reservation / person hiring (one person stated in the Charter's Registration) apartment
e. The tenant / customer individual - the person / s concerned / e (making / e) booking the premises, the person / s hiring / e the Apartment,
f. The tenant / customer group - the person concerned (making) the reservation the premises (for a minimum of 10 people or more)
g. The landlord - APART HOTELS Sp. o.o.,
3. When making a reservation and lease tenant thus accepts the provisions contained herein.
4. Issues relating to the fees / payable for the lease of detail (including specific Premises / Apartments) presented on the website: for bookings made through this website, or separately for bookings made in person at the reception or via e-mail or by phone.
5. In matters not regulated herein shall be governed by Polish law, including the Civil Code.

§ 2. Methods for booking / cancellation and the terms of payment / costs
1. Reservation of the apartment can be made as the following:
a. through the online system on to guide the choice of the apartment to pay for the booking
b. by sending an e-mail to the following address: (for hire in Warsaw - Wola district); (for hiring in W-wa - Ochota district); (for hire in Szczecin).The client sends a request, then you receive via e-mail - an offer of the available apartments. After sending the customer acknowledgment and acceptance of our offer it is considered that the agreement was concluded and the booking is accepted for approval. After booking, we send an e-mail return (to the customer) containing details of the booking and payment
c. by telephone during a call from the front desk employee, call the business number tel .:
22 254 55 19 (for hire in Warsaw - Wola district);
22 114 01 00 (for hire in Warsaw - Ochota district);
91 434 35 48 (for hire in Szczecin).

2. Booking terms and conditions are as follows:
For reservations from arrival to 3 days or less to start the reservation (check-in date is not taken into account) - we require an advance payment of 100% of the reservation on the day of booking the apartment by the client.
For booking with the arrival of more than 3 days until the start of the booking (check-in date is not taken into account) - we require a deposit payment of 30% of the reservation within 3 days from the date of booking of the Apartment by the Client (the 1st day is the day of booking by the Client). The remaining amount due (70%) must be paid at the reception of the Apartments at the latest at the time of check-in and receive the keys to the apartment. Reservation fee must be paid by cash, credit card or bank transfer to the account specified by the Lessor confirmation from the Lessor.
Separate conditions for bookings made through our website - a deposit or the full value of the booking is accepted by credit card through the system PayEasy appearing in our reservation system.
3. If the remaining amount referred to in § 2 paragraph. 2 point b. Paid by bank transfer - on the day of commencement of the lease upon completion,
Tenant / customer is obliged to have a valid make such a transfer (in the original). Screenshots, confirmation mail will not be taken into account.
4. If you do not pay the reservation fee within the time limits specified in § 2 paragraph. 2 causes cancellation without notice to the Client by the Lessor.
5. If you do not pay the remaining amount - payable for the lease - on time and in
as indicated in § 2 paragraph. 2 and mouth. 3 to cancel the reservation without notice to the Client by the Lessor.
Cancellation and cancellation fees for booking
6. In the event of cancellation by individual customers
at least 3 days prior to the scheduled start of the rental (check-in date is not taken into account), the Client does not bear any financial consequences.
7. Policy cancellation for the customer group are set individually.
8. In the event of cancellation by the individual customer later than 3 days prior to the scheduled start of the rental (check-in date is not taken into account) or on the day of hire (check-in date), or in case of no Access by the Client, shall be charged the fee paid by way of reservation apartment (30 or 100%, depending on the option selected when booking the apartment.
9. Cancellation / cancellation must be made by sending an e-mail to the following address: (for hire in Warsaw - Wola district); (for hiring in W-wa - Ochota district); (for hire in Szczecin).
10. The reservation / tenant premises must be 18 years of age.
11. For minors staying in a rented apartment must be under supervision of responsible adults, under whose care the minor remain.
12. Pets occupy the rented premises corresponds to the customer. For the animals in the apartments charges may be applicable.
13. In the case of shortening the client his booking after check payable for the rental fee for the unused period is not returned.
Modification of the reservation (shortening or lengthening) is possible free of charge just before the arrival.
14. The customer making the reservation via the Internet at the same time agrees to transfer him to his e-mail by the Lessor current offers lease. The resignation of receiving w / in the tender should be sent to the following address: (for hire in Warsaw - Wola district); (for hiring in W-wa - Ochota district); (for hire in Szczecin).

15. The hotel reserves the right to set special booking conditions in the selected dates (e.g. 31 Dec.). After booking, the customer will be informed by email about the changed conditions of the reservation and any additional charges. In the absence of acceptance of the new terms, the customer within two days of recieving may cancel the reservation without any additional charges.

§ 3. Accommodation Client and leave the premises by the Client
1. Key collection by the customer is possible on the day of commencement of the lease - depending on the location of the rented Apartment:
ul. Skierniewicka 14 (for hire in Warsaw - Wola district) - Check-in is possible:
The Reception Apartments at 15: 00-18.30. In a situation where the arrival is scheduled at 18.30 in order to collect the keys the customer is asked to contact the reception facility.
Al. Krakowska 291 (for hire in Warsaw - Ochota district) - Check-in is possible:
The Reception Apartments at 15: 00-21.30. After 21.30 there is no possibility to check in.
ul. Malkowski 30 (for hire in Szczecin) - Check-in is possible:
The Reception Apartments at 15: 00-19.30. After 19.30 it is possible to collect the keys only after prior consultation with Reception Apartments.
2. Start of the lease may be made at the date provided in the book is not earlier than 15:00.
3. Leaving the rented premises should be the last day of the lease provided for the reservation, but not later than 12:00 on that day. Warning! If you do not check out until 12.00 on the day of termination of the booking made by the customer - in the absence of renewal by the Client for another day or no contact phone / e-mail to the tenant / customer - the things that are in the Suite will be packed and taken to the reception. Pick up of customers things will be possible in the opening hours of the reception or the next day in the morning (depending on location).
4. Upon receipt of the key customer is obliged to present a document of identity (identity card, passport) confirming the Customer's personal data necessary to complete registration card. At the time of check-in (keys) The customer is obliged to sign the registration card filled by the receptionist customer data written down the identity card / passport.
It is not possible to issue keys to the apartment without the signature of the customer registration card.
5. Leaving the premises by the Client / check-out is in the presence of an employee of the company, who will make an initial check of the apartment and its equipment.
Warning! For selected Apartments you may be required security deposit (check-in) in order to protect against possible damage Apartments. After checking the apartment deposit may be retained until the valuation of damage.

§ 4. Terms of rented premises
1. Cleaning the apartment while the customer is included in the lease, (once a week) only if the lease lasting more than 7 days but not longer than 30 days.
2. Cleaning additional premises is possible after consultation with and notification of this issue and for a fee at the reception Apartments for w / the additional service.
3. There is a possibility of staying in the Apartments domestic animals belonging to the client by prior arrangement with the issue Reception Apartments and upon payment of an additional fee.
4. In a rented apartment are non-smoking. Failure to do so results in a ban imposed on the person who broke the ban penalty in the amount of 400 zł.
5. The premises of the lease are fully equipped.

§ 5. Rights and obligations of the Client / Tenant
1. The tenant (the person appearing in the reports tab) financially responsible for any damage or destruction of items belonging to the premises and equipment contained in the technical devices, which arose through the fault of the tenant, other occupants with the tenant or domestic animals belonging to the tenant or other persons residing with the tenant.
2. The tenant is obliged to notify the employee of the occurrence of any damage immediately after it is detected.
3. If there is a situation described in § 5. 1 The tenant is obliged to cover all costs associated with the removal of the damage and replacement of damaged equipment.
4. The tenant may not transfer flat / apartment sublet to third parties.
5. In a rented flat / apartment can accommodate only those reported by the customer during the booking / check-in. For others overnight customer will be required to pay an additional fee.
6. The entire property curfew from 22:00 to 6:00 in the morning.
7. You may not make any modifications or other permanent changes in a rented flat / apartment.
8. You may not replace or add additional locks or keys to the rented apartment.
9. In the event of lost or damaged by the Lessee keys, an employee of the company will issue to the Client spare keys after payment of an additional fee of 200 PLN. In case no opinion keys to the apartment at the time of check-out - the customer will be charged a non-refundable fee of 250 PLN.
10. It is not allowed to organize events and other behaviors that may disturb the peace and quiet of the night the other tenants in a rented apartment. Failure to do w / the ban will result in loading the tenant (the person appearing in the reports tab) penalty in the amount of PLN 2,000 and PLN 300 for each time a police intervention or Protection.
11. The customer making the reservation grants the same time authorizing the Lessor to charge his credit card or bank account - by direct debit - if rented by the customer premises have been made / created damage.
12. For a direct debit to be understood direct debit referred to in the Order of the President of the Polish National Bank dated 29 May 1998. on the forms and procedures for conducting monetary settlements through banks (M. P. 1998 No. 21, poz.320).
13. The damage referred to in paragraph. 11 above should be confirmed in a report prepared and signed by an employee of the company.
§ 6. The rights and obligations of the Lessor
1. The Lessor shall not be liable for any loss or damage to goods in rented premises and belonging to the Client or people with its occupants and made by third parties.
2. The Lessor shall not be liable to the Lessee for any loss or damage of money, securities, valuables or items of scientific or artistic value and resulting from causes beyond the control of the Lessor (eg .: fire, flood, etc.).
3. The Lessor reserves the right to change the booked apartment by the client on the premises of a similar or higher standard at the same price.
4. The Lessor has the appropriate insurance policy securing any claims of the Lessee for compensation of losses,
The client who suffered the fault of the Lessor.
5. The landlord is obliged to make the necessary repairs in rented premises if repairs are necessary for the normal agreed use of the rented premises.

§ 7. Personal data
Any personal information provided by the client and mentioned in the reservation form on-line and in the reports tab are processed by APART HOTELE Sp. z o.o. only for purposes related to the conclusion and execution of the lease / apartment accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997. Protection of Personal Data (Dz. U. of 2002 No. 101, item 926)
§ 8. Final Provisions
On commencement of the rental customer is obliged to confirm the signature on the reports tab that is familiar with the provisions of these Regulations.